Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019

Merit Medical announces a partnership with for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

$1,000 for each SCOUT console purchased worldwide during the months of September and October 2019 will be donated to their organization.

SCOUT from Merit Medical is dedicated to helping women make sense of the complex medical information about breast cancer, so they can make the best decisions for their lives. Like Merit,? committed to the mission of reducing the burden of breast cancer. reaches millions of women each month worldwide providing much needs resources and support.

Thanks to technological advances in detection and new treatment approaches, women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer have options. Merit offers innovate solutions for both the diagnosis and treatment of early stage breast cancer in tumor localization, biopsy, brachytherapy and our new PINKPAKS.

In October we are rapidly approach a milestone of 100,000 women having experienced a wire-free, radar localization with SCOUT?.?? This technology continues to lead the way in setting a new standard of care for localizing breast tumors.? Our promise is to continue to listen to our customers and bring new innovations to wire-free localization.