Improved grip for easier hub break and seamless sheath to dilator transition.

The Prelude Prestige? is a high-quality, non-valved splittable sheath for placement of pacing/ defibrillator leads and catheters into the venous vasculature.

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The dilator transition is designed for ease of venous insertion. It provides an improved grip for exceptional sheath peeling. With a wide range of sizes, the Prelude Prestige? is engineered to meet your diverse clinical needs.

Product Features:Prelude Prestige

  • Color-coded French size
  • Locking Dilator
  • Seamless Sheath to dilator transition for ease of insertion
  • Improved Grip for easier hub break
  • Funnel lead-in hub

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Catalog NumberTrademarkSheath French Size (F)Sheath Length (cm)Guide Wire DiameterGuide Wire LengthNeedle Gauge (G)Hub ColorHCPCS Code
PLP-1005Prelude Prestige?5F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GGreyC1892
PLP-1006Prelude Prestige?6F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GGreenC1892
PLP-1007Prelude Prestige?7F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GOrangeC1892
PLP-1008Prelude Prestige?8F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GBlueC1892
PLP-1008.5Prelude Prestige?8.5F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GLight BlueC1892
PLP-1009Prelude Prestige?9F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GBlackC1892
PLP-1009.5Prelude Prestige?9.5F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GGreyC1892
PLP-1010Prelude Prestige?10F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GFuchsiaC1892
PLP-1010.5Prelude Prestige?10.5F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GLight FuchsiaC1892
PLP-1011Prelude Prestige?11F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GYellowC1892
PLP-1012Prelude Prestige?12F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GBrownC1892
PLP-1012.5Prelude Prestige?12.5F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GLight BrownC1892
PLP-1013Prelude Prestige?13F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GPurpleC1892
PLP-1014Prelude Prestige?14F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GRedC1892
PLP-1015Prelude Prestige?15F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GGreyC1892
PLP-1016Prelude Prestige?16F13 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )50 cm (19.7")18GGreenC1892
PLP-2505Prelude Prestige?5F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GGreyC1892
PLP-2506Prelude Prestige?6F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GGreenC1892
PLP-2507Prelude Prestige?7F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GOrangeC1892
PLP-2508Prelude Prestige?8F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GBlueC1892
PLP-2509Prelude Prestige?9F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GBlackC1892
PLP-2510Prelude Prestige?10F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GFuchsiaC1892
PLP-2511Prelude Prestige?11F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GYellowC1892
PLP-2512Prelude Prestige?12F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GBrownC1892
PLP-2513Prelude Prestige?13F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GPurpleC1892
PLP-2514Prelude Prestige?14F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GRedC1892
PLP-2515Prelude Prestige?15F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GGreyC1892
PLP-2516Prelude Prestige?16F25 cm0.038" (0.97 mm )80 cm (31.5")18GGreenC1892
PLPS-1005Prelude Prestige?5F13 cmGreyC1892
PLPS-1006Prelude Prestige?6F13 cmGreenC1892
PLPS-1007Prelude Prestige?7F13 cmOrangeC1892
PLPS-1008Prelude Prestige?8F13 cmBlueC1892
PLPS-1008.5Prelude Prestige?8.5F13 cmLight BlueC1892
PLPS-1009Prelude Prestige?9F13 cmBlackC1892
PLPS-1009.5Prelude Prestige?9.5F13 cmGreyC1892
PLPS-1010Prelude Prestige?10F13 cmFuchsiaC1892
PLPS-1010.5Prelude Prestige?10.5F13 cmLight FuchsiaC1892
PLPS-1011Prelude Prestige?11F13 cmYellowC1892
PLPS-1012Prelude Prestige?12F13 cmBrownC1892
PLPS-1012.5Prelude Prestige?12.5F13 cmLight BrownC1892
PLPS-1013Prelude Prestige?13F13 cmPurpleC1892
PLPS-1014Prelude Prestige?14F13 cmRedC1892
PLPS-1015Prelude Prestige?15F13 cmGreyC1892
PLPS-1016Prelude Prestige?16F13 cmGreenC1892
PLPS-2505Prelude Prestige?5F25 cmGreyC1892
PLPS-2506Prelude Prestige?6F25 cmGreenC1892
PLPS-2507Prelude Prestige?7F25 cmOrangeC1892
PLPS-2508Prelude Prestige?8F25 cmBlueC1892
PLPS-2509Prelude Prestige?9F25 cmBlackC1892
PLPS-2510Prelude Prestige?10F25 cmFuchsiaC1892
PLPS-2511Prelude Prestige?11F25 cmYellowC1892
PLPS-2512Prelude Prestige?12F25 cmBrownC1892
PLPS-2513Prelude Prestige?13F25 cmPurpleC1892
PLPS-2514Prelude Prestige?14F25 cmRedC1892
PLPS-2515Prelude Prestige?15F25 cmGreyC1892
PLPS-2516Prelude Prestige?16F25 cmGreenC1892