Learn More About the BasixTouch? Inflation Device

The 35 ATM/30 mL BasixTouch inflation device has an ergonomic handle that enables one-handed preparation and priming and provides rapid inflation and deflation.


The average procedure may require multiple inflations.? With deflation speed critical, no one wants to spend more time than necessary turning handles or prepping syringes. The BasixTouch delivers the speed you need to expand the capacity of your lab.

  • Quick-release handle for easy release even from high-pressure inflations, accelerating deflation time
  • Ergonomic handle and new threads ensure that high pressures can be reached rapidly – up to 35 atm with less than 3 rotations of the handle
  • One-handed preparation


Today’s clinicians have to be prepared to deliver a wide variety of stents and balloons.? The versatility of the BasixTouch can provide the extra performance you need.

  • 30 mL syringe barrel accommodates additional fluid for larger balloons
  • 35 atm pressure capacity allows inflation of high pressure interventional balloons

Robust and Reliable

Busy laboratories cannot afford to have an inflation device fail.? With stronger threads, nut, and handle, the BasixTouch provides expanded capability with the security and confidence in performance that comes from using a Merit product.

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Catalog NumberTrademarkPressure Rating (atm/bar)Volume (m L)Display TypeMAP Catalog NumberTubing Length (in/cm)Syringe Body MaterialHCPCS Code
IN8112basixTOUCH?35 atm/bar30 mLAnalogMAP11213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateNo Applicable Code
IN8130basixTOUCH?35 atm/bar30 mLAnalog13" (33.02 cm)Clear Polycarbonate
IN8152basixTOUCH?35 atm/bar30 mLAnalogMAP15213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateNo Applicable Code
IN8302basixTOUCH?35 atm/bar30 mLAnalogMAP30213" (33.02 cm)Clear PolycarbonateNo Applicable Code
IN8802basixTOUCH?35 atm/bar30 mLAnalogMAP80213" (33.02 cm)Clear Polycarbonate
IN8852basixTOUCH?35 atm/bar30 mLAnalogMAP85213" (33.02 cm)Clear Polycarbonate
IN8952basixTOUCH?35 atm/bar30 mLAnalog13" (33.02 cm)Clear Polycarbonate