Merit Medical was founded as the first manufacturer of the polycarbonate Coronary Control Syringe. Thirty years later, our product portfolio has grown to include a diverse range of high-quality, innovative products that improve the lives of people, families, and communities throughout the world.

Merit Vascular

Merit Vascular Division

Merit Vascular is the combination of our years of experience in Cardiology, Radiology, and Vascular Surgery. Join with us on the path to product, educational, and outcome excellence for you and your patients.

Merit Oncology

Dedicated to the innovative treatment of early-stage breast cancer. When cancer is diagnosed early, many women have the option to save their healthy breast tissue with breast conserving surgery. Merit has developed advanced approaches to targeted radiation therapy, via SAVI? Brachy, and breast tumor localization and surgical guidance with SCOUT?

Merit Oncology - Reducing the Burden of Breast Cancer on Women and Their Families

Merit Biopsy


We’ve elevated the standard of Drainage & Biopsy for decades. Discover complete solutions to your unique clinical needs with innovative products designed to support your procedures every step of the way.

Merit Endoscopy

Integrating non-vascular stent technology with inflation devices, dilation balloons, guide wires, and other accessories, Merit’s Endoscopy division develops next-generation stent technology for use in the airway, esophagus , and biliary tract, to build value and quality in the creation of interventional and palliative treatment alternatives.

Merit Interventional

Starting with the world’s most studied spherical Embolic – Embosphere Microspheres – Merit Medical has built a comprehensive embolotherapy suite of products, including tools to deliver your embolics right to the target. Our focus on interventional spine continues to increase, with tools for various spine treatments including spinal ablation and vertebroplasty. Merit also supports our physicians with PAE and Interventional Spine training programs and practice support tools.

Merit OEM

Merit OEM’s breadth of products and customization capabilities has made us a preferred supplier for medical device manufacturers around the world. Begin with the Merit OEM catalog containing thousands of field-proven medical devices and components, and work with our dedicated OEM engineering team to customize these devices and components to your specific project needs.

Merit Sensors

Merit Sensor designs and manufactures piezoresistive pressure sensor solutions for various applications and industries, including medical. We offer complete, in-house servicing that includes custom design and engineering; fabrication and assembly; and comprehensive testing conducted at our fabrication facility at Merit headquarters in South Jordan, Utah, USA.

Merit Veterinary

Merit Medical’s vision is to improve the lives of people, families and communities throughout the world. That includes those that are often closest to us: our pets. That’s why many of our products are the ones veterinary practices use every day.?

Merit Veterinary - Improving Lives Around the World, Including Our Pets - Merit Medical - Devices for Veterinarians

Merit Medical





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