Annual Reports

Founded in 1987, Merit Medical believes that long-term value is created for our customers, employees, shareholders and communities when we focus outward and are determined to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

2019 Annual Report?????2019 Annual Report | 2019-05-28
2018 Annual Report?????2018 Annual Report | 2019-04-11
2017 Annual Report?????2017 Annual Report | 2018-04-13
2016 Annual Report?????2016 Annual Report | 2017-04-11
2015 Annual Report?????2015 Annual Report | 2016-04-11
2014 Annual Report?????2014 Annual Report | 2015-04-10

Proxy Statements

The Board believes good governance is integral to achieving long-term shareholder value and is committed to governance policies and practices that benefit the Company and its shareholders.

2020 Proxy Statement?????2020 Proxy Statement | 2019-05-28
PLEASE NOTE: Details for the 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting

2019 Proxy Statement?????2019 Proxy Statement | 2019-04-11
2018 Proxy Statement as Amended?????2018 Proxy Statement as Amended | 2018-04-23
2017 Proxy Statement?????2017 Proxy Statement | 2017-04-11
2016 Proxy Statement?????2016 Proxy Statement | 2016-04-11
2015 Proxy Statement?????2015 Proxy Statement | 2015-04-10

Sustainability Reports

Merit’s sustainability story is one of contribution and dedication from our amazing global team. Together, we are committed to building a sustainable world for our business, our future, and our communities.

2019 Merit Medical Sustainability Report?????2019 Sustainability Report | 2020-03-30

Merit Medical





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