Perform biopsies with confidence and convenience

The original Temno? biopsy device promotes easy, reliable and precise sampling for breast, kidney, liver, lung and thyroid biopsies. The biopsy device is conveniently available with or without coaxial introducer needle.

Learn More About Original Temno? Biopsy Device

Quality samples
The system features a 20 mm sample notch.

Advanced design
The lightweight, compact design may help reduce tissue shear.

Ultrasound/CT imaging compatibility
Echogenic cannula markings allow precise ultrasound positioning, and centimeter markings assist needle placement.

Flexible sizing
The device comes in a wide range of gauges and sizes including 14 to 22 G.

Cat. no.Biopsy needle sizeneedle with introducer cat. no.Introducer needle sizeUsable length
22GT22622G x 6cm
T22922G x 9cm
T221522G x 15cmCT221520G x 10cm9cm
20GT20620G x 6cm
T20920G x 9cm
T201120G x 11cmCT201119G x 6cm5cm
T201520G x 15cmCT201519G x 10cm9cm
T202020G x 20cmCT202019G x 15cm14cm
18GT18618G x 6cm
T18918G x 9cm
T181118G x 11cmCT181117G x 6cm5cm
T181518G x 15cmCT181517G x 10cm9cm
T182018G x 20cmCT182017G x 15cm14cm
16GT16616G x 6cm
T16916G x 9cm
T161116G x 11cmCT161115G x 6cm5cm
T161516G x 15cmCT161515G x 10cm9cm
T162016G x 20cmCT162015G x 15cm14cm
14GT14614G x 6cm
T14914G x 9cm
T141114G x 11cmCT141113.5G x 6cm5cm
T141514G x 15cmCT141513.5G x 10cm9cm
T142014G x 20cmCT142013.5G x 15cm14cm