Learn More About the Aspira? Drainage System

When compared to thoracentesis and paracentesis, the Aspira? Drainage System may allow patients to drain fluid and manage their symptoms without repeated trips to the hospital.

The Aspira? Drainage System is simple to use and provides a compassionate treatment option for patients.

For more information please visit?www.myaspira.com.

Ease of Use

  • Stylet with Hydro-Glide? coating decreases leakage during insertion and helps stiffen catheter to facilitate insertion
  • Less bulky and requires less storage space than other home drainage products
  • 15.5 F Silicone Cuffed Catheter with attachable valve
  • Catheter can be trimmed proximally or distally to facilitate placement


  • Repairable catheter valve enables a patient with a damaged valve or catheter to retain the catheter and have it repaired rather than removed or replaced
  • 1-Liter drainage bag is light weight and compact
  • Low vacuum siphon activating pump makes it simple to initiate drainage and does not lose vacuum


  • Multiple kit configurations provide flexibility
  • Catheter may be placed antegrade, retrograde, or over-the-wire

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Catalog NumberCatheterFrench Size (F)Catheter Length (cm)Drainage HolesHCPCS Code
4992206Peritoneal15.5F72 cm50 Drainage Holes
4992207Peritoneal15.5F72 cm50 Drainage HolesC1729,C1894,C1769,A7048
4992208Peritoneal15.5F72 cm50 Drainage HolesC1729, C1894, C1769, A7048
4992209Peritoneal15.5F72 cm50 Drainage HolesC1729, C1894, C1769, A7048
4992506Pleural15.5F72 cm50 Drainage Holes
4992508Pleural15.5F72 cm50 Drainage HolesC1729, C1894, C1769, A7048
4992509Pleural15.5F72 cm50 Drainage HolesC1729, C1894, C1769, A7048

ASPIRA? Drainage System

Product Code
Product Code
49922064992506Catheter Kit
1 Insertion Tray with Catheter
49922074992507Complete Kit
1 Insertion Tray with Catheter, 5 Drainage Kits, 5 Dressing Kits
Voucher for 20 Drainage Kits and 20 Dressing Kits
49922084992508Essential Kit
1 Insertion Tray with Catheter 20 Drainage Kits
20 Dressing Kits
49922094992509Starter Kit
1 Insertion Tray with Catheter 5 Drainage Kits
5 Dressing Kits

ASPIRA? Drainage Accessories

Peritoneal Product CodeDescription
4991503Dressing Kit – 5 Kits Included
49923011000 mL Drainage Bag – 5 Bags Included
4992305Luer Adapter
4992306Repair Kit
4992307Universal Tubing Adapter